CELESTI SKIN | Orb of Night | Chamomile And Green Tea De-Puffing Under Eye Cream | 30ml

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Our power-packed under-eye cream will reignite and awaken the shine around your eyes by reducing puffiness and brightening the area around the eyes. It helps to replenish and soothe the under-eye area to revitalise the brightness. Works best when applied overnight as it provides maximum hydration and it is most absorbable. Although, Orb of Night works well in both am and pm routines because of its purifying nature and regenerative properties.

To fortify the delicate skin around the eyes and increase blood circulation, caffeine is the hero ingredient.

It is supercharged with stimulant properties that reduce puffiness and inflammation, and the antioxidant properties of the cream will tighten and brighten the skin.

The calming and toning advantage of chamomile is an asset for us as it diminishes dark circles to provide radiance around the eyes. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles to promote younger-looking skin. Due to its higher flavonoid content, green tea serves as an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient for our under-eye cream.

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