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Beco Bambooee kitchen Towel Made From Organic Bamboo & Washable Upto 100 Times. There are many people who use paper towels in the kitchen. They are undoubtedly convenient having a high absorbing capacity to absorb the oil from the fried food. Features: They have a perforation that makes it easy to cut from the roll. We manufacture excellent quality Kitchen Towels. These towels are manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of our esteemed customers.

1. What are the sheets made of?

Beco Reusable Towel/Bamboo Kitchen Roll is made of Bamboo Rayon and is 100% eco-friendly.

2. How many sheets/pulls does the Reusable Kitchen Towel have?

It’s an eco-friendly kitchen towel with 20 sheets in one roll. Each sheet is reusable and washable up to 100 times.

3. What can I use these sheets for?

Literally everything! You can use it to wipe surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere in the house. You can use it, wash it and then reuse it again. You can use these sheets to keep food on, to soak oily food, or just cover food.

4. Is there a specific way to wash?

No! You can normally run water by it, wash it with soap or just machine wash it. It’s quite versatile.

5. How long will one roll last? A single roll of Beco reusable towels will last you 6 months easily and save your purchase of 60 ordinary paper rolls which are single-use and throw.

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