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Often neglected, hair conditioner is a haircare product that has yet to receive its due importance. For long enough, it has been looked upon as a complementary product that enhances the benefits of the shampoo. But its benefits may exceed your expectations!

With a range of products available, when you buy hair conditioners online, we can understand how daunting it can be to make the right choice. So, instead of putting you through the ordeal of making the ‘right choice’, we at Earth Kit decided to let you design your own hair conditioner.

While our conditioner is prepared to moisturize your hair and offer nourishment, we leave moisturizing; choose what other benefits you wish to yield. Yes, you can make a choice without having to brainstorm! How you ask?

With our Efficacy drops, you can tackle a different haircare problem every time you wash your hair. From colour protection to split ends to dry or oily hair to itchy scalp, you name the problem, and our Efficacy drops can offer a solution. Learn more about Efficacy drops here( Efficacy C, Efficacy D).

Moreover, our hair conditioner is blended with a naturally derived nourishing blend of oils, mild conditioners and hydrolyzed silk protein which helps to improve texture and softness and replenish and hydrate your hair.

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