EARTH KIT | Triple Fusion | 5 in 1 Combo Kit | Shampoo + Conditioner + 3 Efficacy drops


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Finding the proper haircare routine is difficult, especially when many haircare products are available online! We know the tedious process of trial and error, trying to figure out what works for you. So, we have readied a combo for you that lets you choose the products and, in doing so, lets you be in charge of your haircare routine!

Here’s what our combo consists of:

Base Shampoo and Base Conditioner

Your hair is a crown you wear every day and needs as much care as possible! Our shampoo is infused with a naturally derived nourishing blend of oils, mild surfactant and Vitamin B5, which helps to retain the moisture and texture of your hair. Complimenting the shampoo benefits for hair, the base conditioner provides a finishing touch. Our conditioner is blended with naturally derived nourishing oil extracts, mild conditioners and hydrolysed silk protein. It is specifically designed to help improve your hair’s texture and hydrate it.

With EarthKit’s Triple Fusion, you can welcome soft and robust hair while bidding farewell to bad hair days!

The best part is our shampoo and conditioner: It is designed to work with all our Efficacy drops. This means you can add Efficacy drops to them for your desired use. So, if you want to buy haircare products online, stop your search here!

Efficacy Drops

Simply put, you decide your hair needs and add the Efficacy drop that addresses your concern to the Base Shampoo/Conditioner. Every wash is a new wash with a new benefit to offer!

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