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The natural antioxidant formula in this French Red Clay Facewash deeply cleanses and removes excess sebum, clogged dirt, dust and atmospheric pollutants. Witch Hazel extract in it tightens and refines pores. The skin becomes soft, supple and flawless after use. Oil Control. Our facewash contains French Clay as a power ingredient that cleanses pores from deep within and tightens them. It prevents clogging of pores and reduces excess oil production to make your face look smooth and supple. Unique formula with three essential ingredients (French Red Clay, Witch Hazel and Rose Hip Oil) that cleanses and removes oil without disrupting the skincare barrier or leaving the skin feeling stripped of natural moisture. Non-Drying Clay-Based Face Wash. Unlike most clay-based facial products, our french clay cleanser puts back what it takes out in the form of lightweight moisture and nourishing extracts so your skin never feels tight or dry after using it. Rich Texture. Our face wash helps control oil for hours. Rich, creamy, oil-free cleanser foams up to rapidly and effectively removes surface oil and control shine. It reduces surface oil without over-drying. Your skin looks and feels clean, oil-free and refreshed.  

Benefits: • Penetrates into your pores, refines them and tightens skin to make it appear softer, smoother and flawless. • Provides the added benefits of oil and sebum control to prevent the growth of acne. •Rose Hip Oil reduces pigmentation and gives a natural glow to the complexion. •French Red Clay on the other hand does both- refining and moisturising.

Directions to use: Dampen face & neck and apply. Massage with fingertips in light, upward strokes. Rinse off with water and pat dry. Use twice daily. 

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