MERLION NATURAL’S | Glacial Marine Clay Powder | 227gm


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Found in a remote inlet of northwestern Canada, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in this uninhabited wilderness, it is from this naturally guarded area that the treasured green/grey glacial marine clay is found in rare deposits. Glacial Marine Clay is an excellent therapeutic and cosmetic clay frequently used in facial and body masks, poultices and salves. With more than 40 minerals, micronutrients, and trace minerals, this glacial clay is composed of particles as fine as mist. The particle size of the clay is less than 0.15 a micron, meaning that it is absorbed into the skin to deliver its nutrients directly into the dermis. Glacial marine clay has a pH of 6.5 to 7.3, close to neutral, which is desirable for skin and hair applications.

Caution: A patch test is recommended using Clays to see if it suits your skin. Some Clays are rich in iron oxide and may be absorbed by the pores, resulting in skin staining. Use coconut oil massage to remove the stain. It may stain cloth/fabric as well.

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