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Rose Water or Gulab Jal, a fantastic ingredient, is a staple in most skin care routines. In fact, its use dates back to before the establishment of the Roman Empire, when Cleopatra was believed to use it as a part of her beauty regime. She believed that rose water was the key to her legendary beauty. It is an excellent Cleanser, Moisturiser and Toner. Rose water helps maintain your skin’s pH balance. Rosewater is one of the best natural skin and hair conditioners. It can even help soft and shiny hair and provide hydration for your scalp. It helps ageing skin, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Great as a calming finish to any fitness or yoga session; spray on to refresh tired skin.

It is used in many cosmetic products due to its refreshing fragrance and enhancing benefits to the skin. Whether your skin is dry or oily, rose water can help it.

Merlion Naturals’ Rose water is all-natural, free from additives or fillers. It’s made from Roses (Damask Rose) by the steam distillation process ensuring high quality.

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