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Longing for a perfect immunity booster? Well, your search ends here! Vyadhi Rodhak, or disease insulator, is the modern-day Sanjeevani. Pure by nature and with the goodness of concentrated ginger, black pepper, clove, tulsi (holy basil), cinnamon and amla (Indian gooseberry) in appropriate proportions, Vyadhi Rodhak is an ideal infusion with the properties to revive, boost and curb potential threats to the immune system. Formulated with exclusive ingredients, this infusion not just promises a better immune system but also helps curb the risk of potential cardiovascular diseases. The natural properties help rein in morning sickness, fight the common cold, and lower the risk of cancer and heart diseases, which makes it the ultimate secret to reaching perfect immunity because… we care!

Health Benefits

– Boosts immunity.- Helps manage chronic conditions.- Nourishes dry and damaged hair.- Improves skin hydration, repairs dead skin and closes open (large) pores.- Manages to improve symptoms of depression and arthritis.- Prevents potential risk of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.- Treats respiratory illness.- Boosts cardiovascular health.- Entails anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.- Assists in weight loss program.- Treats symptoms of nausea and morning sickness.- Proven to reduce muscle pain and soreness.- Helps reduce menstrual pain.- May lower cholesterol levels.- Contains high bioactive compounds.- Reduces terrible breath.- Favourable for type 2 diabetes.  

Why Nature’s Park?

Everything we need for healthy living is available from nature. At Nature’s Park, we believe in keeping the ingredients raw and products preservative-free to ensure optimum benefit. We want to ensure you have a holistic experience shopping for your health and wellness. Our motive is to always strive to offer you the best in the form of our products. Each teensy savour in this product has been picked up from Mother Nature, keeping in mind maximum sustainable yield. We have gone to extremes to make your affair with our products an absolute indulgence! We are all for creating Nature’s Park in your life!


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