PURVINA | Pure & Natural Turmeric Powder with High Curcumin | 250 gm


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PURVINA | Pure & Natural Turmeric Powder with 5%+ Curcumin 


Pūrvīṇa 100% Natural Turmeric Powder is parboiled, sun-dried, reheated and packed for those who miss the earthy, farm-fresh spice in their dishes. Organically grown in rural Kerala the traditional way, this turmeric powder is all you need to keep infections and viruses away. The turmeric powder’s beautifully aromatic flavour can uplift your favourite curries and dishes. Our natural turmeric powder is nourished by the Western Ghats soil and blessed by the southwest monsoon.

With a curcumin content of 5.16%, this turmeric powder is a natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent that speeds up healing wounds, cuts and burns.

Have turmeric powder in hot milk or water daily to prevent the common cold, flu and chest congestion.

Show some love to your skin by applying 100% pure face packs.

The turmeric powder contains no chemicals or preservatives and is 100% pure and natural.

This product is made in India by sourcing directly from local farmers in Kerala, paying them a fair price, which is higher than the market rates.


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