SAANJH | Kauna Straw Country Style Laundry Storage Bag | Large


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Radiant in its natural colour, it is a good-looking receptacle for dirty laundry or children’s toys. It shall be stationed at the most convenient location in homes & dorms!

The properties of the sustainable fibre are one of a kind ~ it can take any aspired shape and form. Water Hyacinth is one of the softest yet sturdiest natural fibres used for woven products. It is non-toxic and has excellent heat insulation properties. It is also frost and water-resistant, making it one of our most durable fibres. Other surprising properties include it being a water cleaner and a thermal and noise insulator.

Water Hyacinth weaving is predominantly a forte of expert women weavers. It is a significant livelihood for this cluster & they have taken it up with heart & soul. Each piece involves a laborious process of carefully designing, feasibility check & then hand weaving.

We are small businesses designing the most utility-based products along with rural artisans for their economic upliftment & replacing unsustainable materials in day-to-day life. Your basket shall have no metal frame yet maintain its shape as is.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm


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