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Teacurry Slimming Tea or weight loss tea or Slimming Tea is the perfect blend of herbs and Green Tea for weight loss and cleansing the body of toxins. It is a delicious blend of traditional herbs mixed with green tea. The research is that Teacurry Slimming Tea helps stimulates digestion and metabolism to help with weight reduction. All-natural tea provides 3 definite benefits – enhanced metabolic rate, liver detoxification and helping reduce ageing signs.

Teacurry’s effective slimming tea helps release excess water weight and purify the body of toxins and waste. Teacurry slimming tea for weight loss also reduces cravings for sugar. Teacurry weight loss tea consists of a powerful Ayurvedic tea blend of Green tea leaves from Assam, Hibiscus Sabdariffa variety from farmlands in Mysore, mighty Ginger from Orissa, Meghalayan cinnamon, Krishna Tulsi from Sasangir, Foenum Graecum Fenugreek from Rajasthan, Gujrat Fennel and Mentha Spicata Spearmint from West Bengal. Handpicked from tea fields in Assam, Green tea leaves assist with fat and improve metabolism. Spearmint, Ginger and fennel – selected and dried in-house further add to the unique slimming properties of Teacurry Weight Loss tea. All these provide the perfect blend of weight loss tea for women and men alike.
Teacurry Slimming Tea Weight Loss contains no preservatives, no artificial flavours and is 100% Vegetarian. Being a hundred per cent natural, we don’t have flavours for slimming tea, as flavours would mean artificial ingredients. Moreover, the natural mildly sweet taste of the tea is amazingly soothing to the senses.

This slimming green tea blend follows all the recommended standards by FSSAI, WHO and NCBI. The sun-soaked green-tinged golden Slimming Tea Kahwa is full of sweetness and warmth. It is delicate on your palate and is available in both forms – weight loss tea bags and loose tea leaves. If you are looking for a tea specifically for weight gain, you can also try our Weight Gain Tea.

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