THE HUDA BAR | Peanut Butter | Gluten free| Pack of 5

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These precious bars contain made-from-scratch peanut butter and whole, perfectly roasted Certified Organic Peanuts, along with our base ingredients for those who want an extra boost of protein. We make our own peanut butter from scratch with Certified Organic Peanuts. The process involves three different levels of roast that lend three different flavors. The smokiness comes from our dark roast. The sweetness comes from the Maillard reaction in our perfect medium roast. And the astringent, peanutty flavour comes from our light roast. Not plain monotonous, our butter swoops up and down through the smoky, the sweet and the peanutty. The perfect food to fuel your body and adventures, and keep you going as you achieve your goals.

Benefits: Huda bars may be used as an energy source during workouts and high intensity activities. They can also be used as meal replacements and snacks.

Shipping Countries: India

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7.8 × 5 cm


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