VEDIKO | Cold Pressed Walnut Oil | 100 ml Glass Bottle


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Vediko Origins Virgin Edible Walnut Oil is obtained using traditional wooden kolhu. We use organically grown walnuts from Jammu and Kashmir and extract oil by pressing them in this wood press kolhu. Later it is kept for 3-4 days for natural sedimentation.

Oils extracted through the Cold Pressed method have high nutritional value as they do not undergo the chemical refining procedure to extract the walnut oil.

Using the cold-pressed method, the flavour and aroma of walnuts are retained and comprise higher content of vitamins and minerals.
Walnut Oil, a rich source of Selenium, can help improve thyroid functions. It also contains vitamin K, E, Choline, Phosphorus, Zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Organic Walnut Oil can be used as a dressing in salads or can be used for cooking vegetables. Use Walnut Oil on your scalp before going to bed and gently massage in a circular motion thrice a week for best results. Apply on the skin after bathing as a moisturizer.

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