Alleppey Green Cardamom | 75gm


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A product of the western ghats of Kerela, our Alleppey green cardamom is premium grade, wholly natural, and fragrant. Alleppey green cardamom was given the GI tag by the government of India, and our cardamom is authentic in its source. The cardamom is 8mm or above in size and is premium graded. The nutrients and essential oils are intact.

Benefits: Green cardamom has diuretic and anti-oxidant properties. It is also great for digestive issues and dental health.

Usage: Cardamom powder is vastly used in Indian desserts. You can use it in your tea or glass of milk or directly use the seeds as a mouth freshener. Whole pods are also used in savoury dishes.

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8.5 cm


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