BWELL | Lavender Essential Oil


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Used for:

● It prevents itchy scalp and dandruff 

● Soothes eczema & dry skin 

● Prevents & heals acne breakouts 

● Promotes calmness & wellness 

● Ideal for scalp inflammation & dryness

The Journey of BWell Lavender essential oil –

● Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil is extracted from the flowering buds of Lavandula Angustifolia through the Steam Distillation method.

● This species of lavender is native to Bulgaria, but this essential oil is cultivated domestically in Kashmir.

● It has been used in Traditional medicine from around the globe; it is an ornamental plant and was planted for its beautiful colour and pleasing fragrance.

The Goodness of BWell Lavender essential oil –

● Helps in relaxing the mind & unwinding stress

● Promotes deep sleep, calmness & wellness

● Helps clear breakouts & dark spots on the skin

● Boosts overall skin health & moisturizes the complexion

● Helps heal cuts & bug bites

● Create a peaceful and relaxing ambience

● Help to get rid of skin irritations that are experienced during winter

● Reduce anxiousness

● Alleviate muscle aches and back-ache

How to Use BWell Lavender essential oil –

● MASSAGE / BEAUTY: Mix 2-3 drops with skin-friendly carrier oils or any skincare or haircare product for topical use.

● DIFFUSER: Add a few drops into aroma diffusers with water/oil to purify the air

● INHALATION: Use 1-3 drops in hot water for a steam treatment

● SOAPS & CANDLES: Add a few drops in your candle or soap making.

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