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Used for: Skin benefits: normalizes the natural production of sebum, improves skin tone, reduces acne, and unclogs pores. Hair benefit: cleanses the scalp removing dead skin, dandruff, and dirt.

The Goodness of BWell Lemon peel oil –

● Improve the quality of air in your home

● Promote proper functioning of the respiratory system

● Improve the mood and cognitive ability

● Improve skin complexion and keep skin imperfections, especially acne, at bay

● Improve the smell of your clothes by adding a few drops of this oil to the laundry

● Fights harmful viruses and bacteria

● Helps to fade acne scars

How to Use BWell Lemon peel oil –

• Add a few drops of lemon in the water and spray on the countertops and table to clean them and gain a sparkling look.

• Clean the leather garments and leather-made accessories by dipping the cloth in lemon oil

• Remove the tarnish and grime from the silver and metal accessories by cleaning them with lemon oil

• Diffuse this fragrance in your home and workplace to create a cheerful and aromatic environment that spreads positivity around

• Add a few drops of this oil to the spray bottle and use it as a cleanser to clean the surfaces, doors, and windows in homes

Topical use: 

Apply a few drops of this oil in the desired area and if your skin is sensitive, dilute this oil with other oils before applying



Add a few drops of this oil in the diffuser to spread the fragrance of this exotic oil throughout the home or workplace

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