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Used for: 

• It can be applied to the skin, 

hair and is used for aromatherapy 

• It boosts the respiratory system 

• It prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.

The Goodness of BWell Palmarosa essential oil –

● Helps support the appearance of healthy-looking skin when applied topically

● It has the antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial properties

● It treats skin problems like acne, boils, etc.

● It has got hydrating properties and prevents inflammation

● It has many health benefits, such as promoting stomach acid production, absorption of nutrients, etc.

● Can be used aromatically to create a tranquil atmosphere

How to Use BWell – • A few drops of Palmarosa oil should be mixed with ointments and the skin care cream for treating skin infections and for cleaning the wounds so that they can be prevented from getting septic

• To the bath water, 2-3 drops of this oil can be added, or it can be used as a massage oil to get relief from spasms, pain, and skin problems

• Blend 2 drops the Palmarosa oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and apply it on the skin. It can be used for moisturizing the skin and fighting against the signs of ageing and wrinkles

Diffuser:2-3 drops of the Palmarosa oil can be added to the diffuser, vaporizer or air freshener.

Internal use: It can be used as a soothing tonic for the digestive support

Topical use: It can be applied to the skin by mixing it with carrier oils or body creams

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