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Hemp Hemp Hooray is Woofing Tales’ hemp seed oil, a powerhouse of omegas, vitamins and antioxidants. We’re particularly proud of this one because it moisturizes your dog’s skin better than any other and keeps their brain healthy. This product prevents skin disorders such as dry nose, acne, eczema and all the other itchy-scratchy ones. Another plus point is that it relieves joint pain and strengthens the immune system. Trust us. The benefits are multifold. There’ll be less fur shedding and more tail wagging.

Directions to use: Add straight to food. You’ll quickly notice that your pet’s coat is gleaming and that aches or skin issues are beginning to disappear. Pets’ spirits are quickly elevated, resulting in less-anxious pets for many customers.

Once to twice daily:

Small animals (under 15kg) = 2-4 drops

Medium animals (15-30kg) = 3-6 drops.

Large animals (230kg- 45kg) =5-8 drops


No Known Allergens.

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