WOOFING TALES | Hush Baby Calming Spray


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Hush Baby is a spray that’s going to calm your anxious puppy. Watching our most innocent cuddle buddies suffer from stress and anxiety is a sore sight. Our calming spray is a soothing concoction of lavender, nature’s antidepressant and chamomile, an effective aid to relaxation that will help your dogs simmer down to a great extent. A few sprays of this, and you’ll see your dog in a relaxed state of mind, much like a Coldplay album. It reduces tension and aids in a good night’s sleep. We suggest you drop this in your cart if you have an anxious buddy running around your house.

Directions to Use: Cover your dog’s eyes and face and spray from a distance of 6 inches, or spray the dog’s bed.

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Dimensions 22 × 15 × 7 cm


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