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This versatile oil, free from trans fats, is an excellent source of Omega 6 fats that have a pleasing light nutty flavour with a neutral aroma which compliments any cuisine. Extracted from locally grown fresh Peanuts and wood pressed using traditional methods. The pressing of the Peanuts is done at a low speed and with no heat to retain all nutrients, the rich natural flavour and the aroma of our raw Peanuts.

Benefits – Improves Heart Health: Packed with ‘good fat’ and plant-based sterols, oil is free from cholesterol which helps support heart health. Loaded with Antioxidants: Processed at room temperature, it is loaded with natural antioxidants, and a spoonful of groundnut oil has 10% of recommended daily dose of Vitamin E.May Fight Cancer: The presence of plant bases bioactive compounds and unsaturated fats contains anticancer properties that can help fight cancer and inhibit tumour growth. Improve Insulin Sensitivity: High concentration of monounsaturated fats in the oil slows down the absorption of fats, which contributes to regulating blood sugar levels. Strengthens the Body: Rich in Omega 6 fatty acids that play a significant role in muscle building and strengthening your body.

Uses – Cooking Oil: Use in place of regular vegetable oil for deep frying, sautéing and roasting for a nutty flavour. Skincare: Helps fight ageing-free radicles due to its Vitamin E content. Consume daily to increase collagen production and keep your skin growly forever. Weight loss: Add a dash of Peanut oil to your everyday meal as it can decrease appetite and benefit your weight loss journey. Haircare: Reduces protein loss from hair by moisturising your split ends and regenerates damaged hair. In some cases, the antioxidant in the oil treats scalp psoriasis and dandruff.

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