TANI | Cold Pressed Sesame Oil


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This versatile oil has the highest oil content than any other oil, which has a delicious nutty flavour, fresh aroma, and light golden colour. Extracted from locally grown raw black Sesame seeds and wood pressed using traditional methods. The seeds are pressed at a low speed and with no heat to retain all nutrients, the rich natural flavour, and the aroma of our raw Sesame seeds.

Benefits – Improves Heart Health: Heart-friendly oil because of its fatty acid content. These fatty acids keep the cardiovascular system strong and lower LDL cholesterol levels. Improves Bone Quality: Increase the healing rate and bone growth due to its Copper and Calcium content. Boosts Metabolism: With a significant percentage of copper in sesame oil, your body can get the right amount of blood flowing to the organs and tissues, ensuring a healthier lifestyle. Relieves Stress & Anxiety: If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, sesame oil can help boost your mood by flooding the body with enzymes and hormones that make a person feel happy.

Uses – Cooking Oil: Great for sautéing and shallow frying. This oil is excellent for salads and raw recipes. Oil Pulling: Sesame oil can support solid teeth and gums when swished in the mouth. It has also been shown in a study to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth. Skincare: Use as a sunscreen as its zinc content helps protect the skin layer by improving elasticity and reducing age spots. Promoting Healthy Sleep: Promotes healthy sleep patterns, massage the scalp and soles of the feet with sesame oil before bedtime. Haircare: Rich in healthy fatty acids and has antibacterial properties that make it suitable for topically combating dry hair and scalp.Localized Massage: Warm massage on the abdomen can help reduce imbalanced Vata in the abdomen.

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500ml, 1L


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